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The Adelar Pet Motel - Australia's Premier Boarding Kennel

Happily, more and more responsible pet owners are choosing to board their pet at professional boarding kennels and catteries rather than choosing alternatives which can prove to be costly and dangerous. The problem of the "house sitter" for example, who leaves the door open for a minute, just long enough to have your precious pet make a dash to try to find you. Or imagine if he gets sick, and the house sitter is simply too inexperienced to see this. Or the house sitter is kept out of the house he is minding by a very protective pet who is simply guarding his owners' house.

In some cases, the pet thinks that going off without him is a little unfair, so the normally good-natured pet proceeds to tear the place apart! All these things have happened!

Your pet is our special guest and will be pampered while he stays with us at Adelar. Set on 5 beautiful green acres, which you are very welcome to inspect 7 days a week, between 12:00-2:00pm (except during school holidays and on public holidays) or to ask as many questions as you like.

We offer the following for all our guests...

  • Resident carers on premises
  • A totally enclosed environment, providing safe conditions
  • Large range of accommodation for all shapes and sizes
  • Wholesome and nutritious meals
  • Any Medications are administered by experienced carers
  • Comfortable and clean raised hammock beds
  • Daily individual playtime in large outdoor play areas
  • Personalised exercise program
  • Lots of TLC and treats
  • Playtimes
  • Hydrobath, washing and blow drying
  • Pick up and drop off available in our comfy, air conditioned Pet Taxi
Adelar Pet Boarding, Animal Centre - Come and stay at my place
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